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The microlite alumina wear-resisting lining plate and pieces are dry-compacted and burned with 1500 temperature to be special type wear-resisting ceramic. Its Rockwell hardness is HRA80-90, only inferior to the diamond’s hardness.  

Features: The products are featured by wear-resisting, anti-compact and easy construction, etc. Its theoretic wear-resistance is equal to 260 times of manganese steel, 170 times of chrome steel. After actually surveying, it can be effectively increase the service life of equipment more than 10 times.

Specification: Click here to get the information.  

Anti-wear lining pieces Anti-wear lining pieces Anti-wear linning pieces
Portrated lining plate/tile Portrated lining plate/tile Portrated lining plate/tile
Arc lining plate/tile Arc lining plate/tile Trapezoid lining plate/tile

Applications:  apply to material transfer equipment, inside and outside surface of powder separating equipment on iron&steel works, thermal&power plants, coals, and cements industries, etc.

1.As lining of falling funnel, lining of wear-resistance pipe and bender, etc. Parts of equipment in the themal&power plants

 2.As the lining of materials transfer pipe and chute, etc. on steel industry

3.As wear-resisting lining of coal-electying equipment on coal industry(i.e. cyclone)

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