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Molecular sieve products are used in key industries, such as energy, petrochemical, natural gas, air separation, chemical refrigeration, food and building industries.Main application of molecular sieves:
1. Gas or liquid drying
2. Gas or liquid purification
3. Gas or liquid separation
4. Drying of air in confined spaces
5. Hydrocracking, catalytic cracking      and isomerization catalysts
6. Detergent builder and water softener


3A Molecular Sieves
Olefin drying(ethylene, propylene, butadiene)
Drying of polar liquids(methanol, ethanol)
Drying of cracking gas
Drying of cracking liquidDrying of polymer plant feed
Drying of refrigerants
Drying of liquefied petroleum gas
Drying of drying of kerosene and jet fuel
Drying of air in insulated windows(double windows)
C2, C3 fraction dryingSolvent drying
Drying N2-H2 mixtures made by cracking of NH3CO2 drying


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4A Molecular Sieves
Deeping drying of gases and liquids, such as air, natural gas, industrial gases, noble gases, solvents paraffins, alcohol, refrigerant
Static drying for medical packaging, electronic elements, materials liable to deteriorate
Desiccant for IG unit, lacquers, dyes and PUR-systems
Removal of carbon dioxide, ammonia and methanol from liquid



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5A Molecular Sieves
Separation of normal and isomeric hydrocarbons
Natural gas drying, removing CO2, sweetening
Liquefied petroleum gas sweetening
Removing CO2 from steam cracked gas
Separation of aromatics
H2 purfication
N2/O2 separation
Purification of air, inert gasesSolvent drying



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13X Molecular Sieves
Isomerication feed desulphurising
Parafin sweetening
Sweetening and drying liquefied petroleum gas
Natural gas sweetening
Removing CO2 from steam cracked gas
Drying and sweetening of rocket propellant
Treatment f acetic acid process gasesNH3 synthesis gas drying and purifying
Solvent drying
H2 purfication
Removal of CO2 and
H2O from airPreservation of fruit and medicainal materials


MS 13X

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