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Zirnonia Grinding medias

Introduction:The zirconia grinding materials are fabricated of stable zirconia super tiny powder with isostatic press and continuous high temperature sintering technique, it has property of.High wear-resistant.It can also avoid chemical erosion which effect the grinding medium life.Ultra-fine zirconia raw material guarantee compact microstructure, pearlescent colour and roundness stand for the best grinding medium. It’s suitable for grinding material that requires no pollution.           

Zirconia grinding balls Zirconia Grinding cylinder

Application: lab equipment,sand mill,attrition ball mill,roller ball mill,which grind and disperse electronic material,ceramic powder,battery raw material, nonmetal mine, painting, pesticide, foodstuff, medicine.

Specification: Click here to get the information


Polyurethane  Grinding medias

polyurethane ball is a steel ball, casted by a 3mm polyurethane layer with high wear-resistance and no contamination.It is heavier than alumia ball,Shao's hardness is 90.

Application: mixing and grinding electronic material,lithium cobaltate material and other material.
Main Size: 15202530 mm.



 Agate  Grinding medias

The agate grinding medias are made by the natural agate ore after polishing and process.With it's high density, high crush strength and high purity, it is popularly applied in the fine grinding mills such as the horizontal grinding mills, drum screening mills,mixing grinding mills etc.

Application: mixing and grinding phosphor powder,quartz powder,silk screen printing ink,electron powder,electronic pastes and battery materials                                                 



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